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Tenaha Robotics Camp - June 25, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

Tenaha Schools held its first Robotics Camp in June. Students from grades 3 to 7 attended this one week camp. In this camp students designed, built, and programmed working robots using the Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics kits. Students also developed valuable problem solving skills, worked on engineering concepts, and computer skills.
Each day the students were given a new challenge to complete. Mrs. Farmer said she enjoyed watching these students have fun learning. We had three beginners who learned very quickly and will be a great asset to our 4th and 5th grade robotics program next year. Some of our intermediate students were able to polish up on their programming skills this week and one student was given the challenge of making a humanoid robot. Each student that attended had fun and gained experience that will help them in the coming year with our competitions. I would like to thank the students and their parents for allowing them to attend this first robotics workshop. Steven and Brenda Farmer, Robotics Sponsor.

Front row: Kamari Gray, Ke’myson Gray, Kim Cave, Luke Ward
Back Row: Gracie Martinson, Page Estes, Kale Page, Andrew Tyner, Alex Tyner


Tenaha Book Club Holds First Meeting of the Summer - June 23, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

Seven junior high students and one 4th grader joined Ms. Ward for the first Book Club meeting of the summer to discuss the first novel in the "Divergent “series last Thursday. They began the meeting with snacks representing all the different factions and placed a marble in the faction bowl they thought best represented their family. Then they took a quiz to see which faction they would belong to. After completing the quiz, students began discussing events in the book, favorite characters, and things they would have done if in that situation. Future 8th grader Anayeli Aguilar asked the group, "If there was no religion, would technology be more advanced than it is now?" Wow! The kids and Ms. Ward had to think long and hard about that and relate it to what was going on in the book. "I was extremely proud of these kids who dedicated time to read and truly enjoy the book. We couldn't believe how fast the hour went by," Ms. Ward said. The kids voted to keep going with this series and will start "Insurgent" next. If you couldn't make the first meeting, you can come to the next one on July 22nd from 1-3pm. You must have read both books because we will be discussing the second one. The third book club meeting will be a surprise location in August. Thanks to the following students for attending: Anayeli Aguilar, Giselle Rico, Lupita Sandoval, Gracie Martinson, Jared Tovar, Alex Lopez, Collin Cooper, and Luke Ward. Thanks also go out to our counselor Karen Fallin for dropping by!


Tenaha ISD Hosts First Science Fair - June 4, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

Tenaha ISD students in 4th, 5th and 8th grade science classes participated in Tenaha’s first annual Science Fair on Tuesday, May 27th. Teachers Janice Williams and Teresa Wiist were excited about the end of year projects created by their students. Some students worked individually, while others worked in teams to present the findings from their experiments. The thought and details shown in student presentations showed remarkable effort for this first meet. Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Wiist expressed how thrilled they were with student pride in their workmanship on the displays, attention to details while performing their experiments, and the depth of understanding of the scientific principles they encountered. The students were very animated during the meet as they shared their results with other visiting students, family members and staff. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer and Coach Vick served as our guest judges for the fair.

Winners for 4th and 5th grade included:

First place team – Kamari Gray, Kaylee McGahey, Felipe Valencia, and Wesley Fox with Friction and Furry

Second place team – Drew Henry, Paige Watson, and Dylan Calloway with Egg Lab

Third place team – Courtney Page, Mahalia Raymond, Kelly Sandoval with Color Wicking

Winners for 8th Grade included:

First place – Zoee Rogers with Fluid Dynamics (blood pressure) and the Adrenaline Response (to video games)

Second place – Elizabeth Hernandez with Longest Lasting Gum Flavor

Third place team – Destiny Rogers and Senethia Dembo with Open and Closed Electrical Circuits

Congratulations to all the participants!


Tenaha First Graders Given Free Dental Kits By Local Masons - June 3, 2014
Submitted by Rhenda Gray

Jerry Agnew, Jay Wilson, and Larry Fontaine (l to r) assemble dental kits for presentation to Tenaha first graders earlier this month.

Tenaha, TX--All first graders at Tenaha Elementary School recently received free prevent tooth decay kits through the Fantastic Teeth Fan Club. Jay Wilson led members of Tenaha Masonic Lodge in assembling and delivering kits to the school.

The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club, sponsored by Masonic Home and School of Texas, strives to prevent suffering from toothaches, reduce missed school days due to dental problems, and cut costs for dental treatment.

Prevent tooth decay kits contain: a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, healthy teeth sticker, two-minute timer (optimal brushing time), Tips for Healthy Teeth educational info for parents in both Spanish and English, and a summary of MHS services.

According to Oral Health In America: A Report of the Surgeon General, tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease-five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. Poor children are affected by this epidemic more frequently than other children, with nearly 12 times more restricted-activity days due to dental issues than children from higher-income families. With more than 1.5 million Texas children living in poverty, there is a great need for preventive dental care.

Dental problems also directly affect success for children, with more than 51 million school hours lost each year to dental-related illness. Teachers have judged both classroom performance and classroom behavior to be significantly poorer among children in need of dental care. Pain and suffering due to untreated dental disease can also lead to problems in eating and speaking.

Masonic Home and School of Texas (MHS) is a non-profit organization with a history of helping children across Texas for more than 100 years. Contact MHS by calling toll-free 1.877.203.9111; sending an email to info@mhstx.org; or by visiting the website, www.mhstx.org<http://www.mhstx.org/> .


Tenaha ISD Students Recognized at 2014 Awards Banquet - May 23, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

2014 Tenaha High School Valedictorian & Salutatorian

(L to R) Valedictorian Cinthya Leos, Tenaha ISD School Board President Bo Morris, and Salutatorian Sierra Collins.

There were over three hundred in attendance at this year’s Tenaha ISD Awards Banquet. This number doubles the attendance last year!

Many students at Tenaha ISD are actively involved in not just one extracurricular activity but many. Students strive to maintain exemplary work in the classroom as well as contribute to the achievements of a team sport as well as individual sports. Some say you can’t do it all but at Tenaha ISD students seem to do just that. It is amazing that so many students at Tenaha ISD can keep up their outstanding performance in every class as well participate in as many as four extracurricular activities simultaneously.

Tenaha ISD acknowledges students that have earned outstanding achievements in and out of the classroom. This year’s banquet was kicked off with the enthusiastic welcome from Jonathan Vick, Tenaha coach and Math teacher. Joining numerous proud parents and community members were Tenaha Board of Trustees members Bo Morris, Aaron Roland, Robert Barton, Mark Looney as well as newly elected member Mike Ogden.

Congratulations to all of the Tenaha students who have made a dedicated effort to be the best!

FFA awards

FFA program director, Ashley Armstrong, presented:

High School Show Team
(L to R) Ashley Armstrong, Ricky Corpus, Shawna Hall and Abbie Muckelroy

Horse Evaluation Team
(L to R) Ashley Armstrong, Shawna Hall, Abbie Muckelroy, and Tiffani Thompson

Special Recognition for his success in the High School Rodeo was given to Ricky Corpus.

(L to R) Ricky Corpus and Terry Ward


Tennis Awards

(Back row, L to R) Andy Ward, Colten Goeke, and Dylan Barbee. (Front row, L to R) Alexx Reeves, Katelyn Keller, Alicia Casey, and Brooke McClure

District Boys’ Doubles (3rd Place)
Colton Goeke
Andy Ward
Mixed Doubles
Dylan Barbee
Alexx Reeves

Girls’ Doubles
Katelyn Kellar
Alicia Casey
Brooke McClure

Cross Country - Senior Recognition (picture not available) - Cinthya Leos, Danny Jurado, and Efrain Hernandez

Boys Baseball

(L to R) Tyre Barnes, Tylor Green, Tristan Green and Tyler Davison

2nd Team
Tyler Davison
Tristan Green
Tylor Green
D’Andre Thomas

Honorable Mention
Tyre Barnes

Boys Track

Regional Qualifiers - (Front row, L to R) Alex Horton, Jordan Castillo, Carlos Flores-Bustamante and Abel Rodriguez. (Middle row, L to R) TJ Thomas, Seth Wyatt, Chavis Gregory and Cobe Caraway. (Back row, L to R) Denzelle Williams, Keontas Davis, JR Hill, and D’Andre Thomas.

Girls Track

Regional Qualifiers - (Front row, L to R) Kyesha Perry, Kennedy Hunter, Alyssa Harris and Kelsey Barton. (Back row, L to R) Mercedes Rountree, LaPorsha Perry and Alicia Casey. 

6th Place Discus
Ashton Griffin (Not pictured)

Most Valuable Field Event
Ashton Griffin (Not pictured)

Most Valuable Runner
Kelsey Barton (Pictured, Front Row, far right)

High School Robotics

(Front row, L to R) Brenda Farmer, Robotics Sponsor, and Hunter Wagstaff. (Back row, L to R) JR Wagstaff, Blane Cummings and Jacob Samford.

Boys Soccer

(Front row, L to R) Newcomer of the Year - Carlos Flores-Bustamante, Offense MVP - Brady Tovar, and Defense MVP - Javier Uribe. (Middle row, L to R) Jordan Castillo, Alex Horton, Rafeal Loredo, Leon Aquilar, Esiquiel Flores, and Able Rodriguez. (Back row, L to R) Luis Campos, Denzelle Williams, Adolfo Reyes, Omar Pelecastre, and Edgar Pineda.

Lady Tiger Soccer

Offensive Player of the Year
(L to R) Cinthya Leos and
Coach Lauri Sisk.

Senior soccer players recognized (Front row, L to R) Destiny Trammell, Sierra Collins, and Blanca Ruiz. (Back row, L to R) Alexx Reeves, Cinthya Leos and Raven Gibbs.

Defensive Player of the Year - Alexx Reeves (Back row, far left) Newcomer of the Year - Destiny Trammell (Front row, far left)


Boys Basketball

(Front row, L to R)
Newcomer of the Year - Colton Goeke,
1st team All District
- D’Andre Thomas,
2nd team All District - JR Hill, and
1st team All District - Tyler Davison.

(Back row, L to R)
MVP - Keontas Davis,
MVP Offense - Jacoby Ivy, and
MVP Defense - Chavis Gregory.

Girls Basketball

(Front row, L to R)
TABC All-Regional Team and Defensive Player of the Year - Shantivia Gray and
2nd Team All-District - Takameria McClure.

(Back row, L to R)
1st Team All-District - Jalysa Steadman and
1st Team All-District - Eboni Moore.

(Not pictured)
Honorable Mention - Tierra Henderson and Honorable Mention All-District - Ashton Griffin.

Band Awards

(Front row, L to R)
Outstanding Senior - Cinthya Leos,
Outstanding Sophomore - Janeth Trejo, and
Outstanding Freshman - Katelyn Keller. (Back row, L to R)
Drum Major Award - Seth Wyatt,
Outstanding Sophomore - JR Wagstaff and
Outstanding Freshman - Bianca Ramirez.

(Front row, L to R)
Director’s Award - Jade Windom,
Outstanding Marcher - LaTonya Goodwin and
Most Improved - Christina Patterson.
(Back row, L to R)

Outstanding Percussion - Jakedrick Rountree and
Outstanding Brass - Jacob Samford.
(Not pictured)
Outstanding Woodwind - Ariday Hernandez,
Outstanding Junior - Chyenne Koller,
Outstanding Sophomore - Janeth Trejo and
Outstanding 8th grader - Hernan Hernandez.


Six Years of Dedication and Service Award was earned by the following:

(Front row, L to R) Destiny Tramell, Omar Pelcastre, Cinthya Leos, Shantivia Gray, and Jalysa Steadman. (Back row, L to R) Javier Uribe, Josh Dorsey, Keontas Davis, JR Hill, and Jacoby Ivy.

Football Awards

(Front row, L to R) Javier Uribe, Brady Tovar, Tristan Green, TJ Thomas and Leon Aguilar. (Middle row, L to R) Tylor Green, Luis Campos, Jacoby Ivy, D’Andre Thomas, Edgar Pineda. (Back row, L to R) Tyre Barnes, Charles Reed, Keontas Davis, Chavis Gregory, Denzelle Williams, and JR Hill.

District 11 Most Valuable Player/ All-State Defensive Lineman - Denzelle Williams
District 11 Offensive MVP/All-State Running Back/1st TeamOLB - Chavis Gregory
District 11 Defensive MVP/1st Team WR - Keontas Davis
1st Team QB/2nd Team DB - JR Hill
1st Team RB/1st Team DB - TJ Thomas
1st Team WR/1st Team DB - D’Andre Thomas
1st Team OL - Derik Jones
1st Team OL - Luis Campos
1st Team DL - Tristan Green
1st Team LB/2nd Team TE
- Jacoby Ivy
2nd Team WR/ 2nd Team OLB - Brady Tovar
2nd Team OL/ 2nd Team Kicker - Javier Uribe
2nd Team OL - Charles Reed
2nd Team OL - Leonel Aguilar
Honorable Mention LB - DaMarkus Perry
Honorable Mention LB - Tylor Green
Honorable Mention TE - Tyre Barnes
Honorable Mention OLB - Markevaus Reed
Honorable Mention OL - Edgar Pineda

Academic Awards

Receiving All “A” Honor Roll was Tyler Muckelroy.
(L to R) Tyler Muckelroy and Judy Monroe, Tenaha High School Principal

Students receiving
Attendance Awards are
(Front row, L to R) Shantivia Gray, Alyssa Harris & Esiquiel Flores.
(Back row, L to R) Edgar Pineda, Josh Dorsey, & JR Hill.

Students who earned
Academic Recognition and received a letter jacket are (Front row, L to R) Omar Pelcastre, Alexx Reeves, and Cinthya Leos. (Middle row, L to R) Eboni Moore, Alex Horton, and Genesis Acopa. (Back row, L to R) JR Hill, Chavis Gregory, Keontas Davis, and Jacoby Ivy.
(Not pictured) Derik Jones.

Tenaha Band News - April 30, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

The Roarin’ Band from Tigerland traveled to Bullard High School on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 for the Region 21 UIL Concert and Sight-reading contest. They earned a first division on stage and a first division in sight-reading for a “Concert Sweepstakes”! Many people, as well as other directors were quick to say how impressed they were with the band’s stage performance. The sight reading judges were very impressed with their abilities as well. Congrats to the band for all of their hard work!

The band will now begin preparing for Tenaha’s Annual Tiger Fest which is Thursday May 22nd.


Incentive Friday at Tenaha Elementary - April 7, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

For the last three weeks, Tenaha Elementary students that have come to school all week and had good behavior have gone into a drawing for five $20 gift cards, and the kids have responded with excellent behavior and an attendance rate of 97%!!! Attending school every day and exhibiting good behavior are keys to academic success, and through the Box Top Program we have been able to reward our students in a meaningful way for the great job that they do! We appreciate everyone who has donated to the Boxtop program. For more information about this great program, go to www.boxtops4education.com. Congratulations to this week's winners!! Walter Peddy, EE-5 Principal


Tiger Doubles Team Takes Bronze Medal - April 4, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

Sophomore Colton Goeke and freshman Andy Ward battled and beat a very good Cushing boys' doubles team to win the bronze medal in tennis. Their only loss in two days came to number 1 seed Joaquin team on Wednesday. The boys not only had to play their opponents, but also had to face 30 mph wind gusts.

"I'm extremely proud of the boys and the entire team. They exceeded my expectations with the small amount of practice we were able to have," Elizabeth Ward said. Anyone interested in tennis next year should contact Coach Ward.

The athletes just need to have a racquet and a good attitude to play. There are also summer tennis clinics in Center if kids are interested.

Tenaha ISD Announces Tiger Doll Danceline Selection - March 27, 2014
Submitted by Chris Conway, Band Director

Congratulations to the following girls for making next year’s Tiger Doll Danceline!
Tori Bryant; Tymaryon Davis; Amya Giles; Keyasma Gray; Zayda Hernandez; Maggie Hughes; Lashasta Johnson; Chyenne Koller – Captain; Selena Mendoza; Natalia Nelson; Rebekah Potter; Caniya Reed; Christasha Suell.

Tenaha Schools Famous Americans Program - March 10, 2014
Submitted by Brenda Lucas

2nd Grade
The SEC was once again filled with Famous Americans. The second grade class has spent the last six weeks researching and working on their projects. On Thursday, February 20, 2014 the second graders were able to show off their hard work and knowledge in the Famous American’s Living Museum. The class had some presidents, inventors, athletes and movie stars. Parents worked extremely hard on each and every costume. Dawson Williams said, “

My favorite part was telling everyone about David Crocket’s life!” “It is very evident each year the costumes and the knowledge of the students have continued to strengthen and grow” stated Amie Mathis, 2nd grade teacher.

Andrew Carroll

Dawson Williams

Arlette Ramirez

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